A New Song! (Well…newish.)

I wrote this one back in November. It’s about my Dad. It has a melody and everything, but I simply don’t have the time to put it to music, so I’m recording it here. I just don’t want it getting lost. Someday soon I’ll make an a capella YouTube video of it, mark it as Private, and never speak of it again.


Losing You


Years ago

Was it so many years ago

Standing there, asking me to stop –

I was hurting myself and I was tearing you apart


Time has passed

I’m not the one I once was

Tumbling through my quicksand life

One mistake to another


I remember your eyes and the way

You’d shake your head and think we’re too much alike

I can remember how you sounded

Listening to your voice on replay inside my head


But I can’t remember your smell

The scent of comfort when I was a little girl

It’s fading fast

The first sign that I’m losing you

I’m really losing you


You’ll never know

How much I wanted to be better

How much I wanted to be all the things

You thought I was

What you wanted me to be


But I can’t remember your smell

I’m losing you

This time I’m really losing you

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