Hmm…challenge accepted.

So I was challenged by a writer friend to try this…and it’s been a more difficult exercise than it originally appeared. So, if you are a writer and have a bazillion hours to waste (which, if you’re a writer, then HELLO PROCRASTINATION IN THE NAME OF ART hell yeah you do) then try it. You’ll like it. Maybe. Or maybe you’ll hate it and think less of me. You know, your choice.

Describe yourself, your main character and your book, each in 5 words or less.

  • Heather: searching, curious, passionate, whimsical, ardent
  • Sera (MC): charming, shy, competent, reserved, determined
  • SERA (WIP): impassioned, philosophical, heartrending, trivial, intimate

Yes, my MC and my WIP are the same word. No, that does not mean I lack originality. It’s just…that’s the book’s name. I can’t help it. I don’t decide these things (oh, wait…)



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